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I come from generations of textile artists.  My mother is an award-winning weaver in my home town of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.   My grandmother painted watercolors, and made beautiful needle- and crochet- works. My great-grandmother crocheted, among many other things, two tour-de-force banquet-sized lace table cloths.

I hold degrees from the University of Wisconsin - a B.A.  in journalism, with a minor in English, and a Ph.D. in textile design and chemistry, with a minor in statistics.  I helped found Theater Tesseract (now Next Act) in Milwaukee in the 1980’s; I am learning Hebrew and modern Greek; I design databases and websites for fun.  With so many varied interests the subject matter in my artwork ranges from color studies with science-related underpinnings, to intricate fabric recreations of favorite photos.

I am retired from university administration in Wisconsin and currently reside in Israel with my husband.  I am also a forever fan of Greek culture.  Look for future works to feature inspirations from the Mediterranean life.

Linda Neusen




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